Poems from the Tower Poetry Summer School 2012

Edited by Alan Gillis and Kevin Young, participants who contributed to Earth-Quiet were

Sophie Clarke
Millie Guille
Dom Hale
Ruth Irwin
Elizabeth Johnson
Clare Mulley
Camille Ralphs
Abigail Richards
Hannah Tran
Will Tyas
Molly Underwood
Phoebe Walker
Charles Whalley


Gorse Fires; Cameraman; Halloween; Bleaklow – Hunting for limpets; Elegy for Michelangelo; Pomegranate – The Pelican; The Silences; Pheasant’s Wood; Sonnet – Amateur Advice for Living; Thoughts on the music of a room; London Sonnet; PotatOde – Planting Hollyhocks; The Birdman- Death of a character; Riddle; Lavender; Post-war Japan in paint –  The Innocence/Guilt of the Mayor of Figueres; The Outsider’s Observation of the Wedding; Kissing Sappho –  A premature elegy for that time; Threadbare, Lovely; A Matter Of Course –  November; The Voyage Out ; Twitching –  For Katie (and Katie); When you were thirty-five; Choristers; Not a ‘love’ poem – You, ending; Unhero; Balloon Song –  Plenty; Train; The Penumbras –  The Rabbit in the Road is an Offering from your Bad Dreams; ALL THOSE NOW LIVING WILL NEVER DIE

ISBN  978-0-9549932-8-3/ Published 2013

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Anyone interested in what the best of young poetic talent in the UK sounds like right now is, I think, in for a treat. There’s a pleasingly vernacular freshness of voice: sure but searching, rooted but expansive; and there’s a beguiling variety of style and subject manner.
Alan Gillis