Flowers From The Dark

Poems from the Tower Poetry Summer School 2016


‘The ambitious syntax and rhetorical prowess on display are only a few reasons why this book should give good cheer to all readers interested in the future of verse. It’s a lively conversation, a memorable feast.’

Cover of 'Flowers From The Dark'

ISBN 978-0-9955338-5-1

From the preface


Edited by Alan Gillis and Olivia McCannon, with contributions from:

Isla Anderson
Azfa Awad
Natasha Blinder
Jemima Childs
Ellie Daghlian
Lewis Harrington
Jordan Hayward
Freya Jackson
Tiegan Johnston
Tash Keary
Olivia Kershaw
Ashani Lewis
Molly Moss
Eiméar O’Donnell
Emily Pritchard
Nathan Samuyiwa
Rebecca Took
Sophia West



Not The Sick One; I Stop Replying To Your Messages; Baby, Repress That Shit; Class of 2016 – An Infant’s Cry; The Eyes of a Mother; A Minion’s Hat – Three Sultans; The Movements of the Morning – Pearl; Veil; The Astrologist – Lovers in Public Houses; You Got a Light? – Part-time job; Snowshine; On the edge of town; In Christ There Is No East or West (John Fahey) – serves 2-4; asthma stanza; humble, luxurious; running wild, mean gene – There are things untranslatable; Extract from a Dialogue with a Therapist or a Priest; The Marriage of Adam and Eve; Red tape – Laid Bare; What We Were Sold – Fledglings; Tumbler; Renting; Finger-painting – The Affair; the ink has dried on her eighty-third love letter; Seashells – Barbecue; North Dakota Hotel; Flowers From The Dark – Mothers; Playing the Cello – August Flush; Hard-Boiled; Diorama Glass; The Fool’s Child – Martyr; New Hands; Snowdon – Grandma’s feet; Dad’s concoction – Bad Time for Valentines; Someone else; Six – song for a sumerian goddess; Arlésienne


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