Poems from the Tower Poetry Summer School 2009

Edited by Jane Draycott and Frances Leviston, participants who contributed to Panado were

Beth Aitman
Jamie Baxter
Alexander Freer
Emma Jourdan
Sophie Mackintosh
Suzanne Magee
Annabella Massey
Ashley McMullin
Paul Merchant
Amelia Penny
Leslie Smith
Tess Somervell
Sophie Stephenson-Wright
Iona Twiston-Davies


Forest Man; The Key Kitchen; The Village – At Your Bedside; Farquhar Road; Bluebells – Petit Saut with Persian Rug; Commute; Spanish Song – Body; Seeded; Lockstitch – Pavor Nocturnus; Barbershop; Winter 1995 – Jazz, in a Place they Wouldn’t Normally Have It; mirror therapy; mercury – Cartography; The Fig; Moon through Your Window – Compost; Paper Planes; The Veteran – Peru; Distance; 1925 – Snow Day; Belt; The Painter’s Pigeons – For Want of a Garden; Underground; The Compulsive Liar – Panado; At Silver Heights; Pineapple rockets – Gibraltar Rock; The Square Mile; Alone On A Wide Blue Sea – Night Dust; The Silent Street Festival; Running From Bones. Poets’ Photographs”

ISBN  978-0-9549932-6-9/ Published 2010

‘‘She has been a writer for most of her life, but never tried poetry until she heard about the Christopher Tower Poetry Prize.  She’s very grateful for it.’
Iona Twiston-Davies

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