Longlisted Poem 2011

Alexa Robertson

St Teresa’s School, Surrey

A Natural Resurrection

Empty and hard.  Like that brazen attitude of separation
forcing us to part flushed with indifference.

Or cold, like that instinctual utterance that Nature is self
sufficient, beyond morality, further than reason, much
deeper than patience. Features of life we cling to which in
a plant’s mind could fill a cup.

Rulers and tracing paper; the things I once knew. Those
shapes and scales scarf us with a heartless quality and
fathomless end, which Nature cannot see drooping upon a
wizened stem.

I’m told symmetry will bleed itself when hearts become
interconnected, linked up in a whole pulsed chain.  That we
are living mirrors that bleed into each other

That polarity will soften itself, conglutinate like healing
flesh and become wisps, a simple trace. While poetry, I
know, that’s the blood surge wreathed in neutrality, when
those red heart strings will sing out a symphony

I’m told we’ll be safe. Safe and assured as colour is when
recognition will seep and unveil itself so blindingly.  We will
be made clean again, evaporate in the antiseptic sun. A
white poultice touching everything

The simple dawn – you affirm this resurrection held
crocked in nature’s fingers.  I’m told forgiveness teaches
surrender to comply when end draws close, that love and
hate create themselves – we wear them like some rusting
badge only to be discarded, a dying recognition. I can see
they are world-embracing and once extinguished we will
be reborn

in simplicity right here

I’m told faith is required, but in seeming more severe than
that cold hard emptiness we continue to stay there. But
warm on the inside they say, like every human heart.

Until then we comply with staunched bindings racked in
opposites, burning up in brave flame like love’s tolerance.
© Alexa Robertson

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  • Date January 12, 2015
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