Longlisted Poem 2014

Alexandra Cameron

Robert Gordon’s College, Aberdeen

Lest we forget

One, thirteen, twenty, forty, fifty three, twelve, seven, nine.
Beneath whose awful hand,
Family caught in fire; three in a collision; four drowned.
Be with us yet.
500 in a plane crash.
Nothing more than black ink on a page; a blank face on a screen.
Condolences, remembrances, anniversaries.
Still stands Thine ancient sacrifice
Enough to make woman cry, silence a child, stop the world.
Listen with bated breath, stop what you’re doing
Stop and listen
Contrite heart.
Camille, Hugo, Andrew, Katrina.
God of our fathers
The sons and daughters; the storms that took them.
9 11 7 11
Days that shook the world.
Another day:
Michael, Matthew, Mary, Anna
Dust that builds on dust.
A sea of faces; a sea of names.
Lest we forget.
© Alexandra Cameron

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  • Date February 10, 2015
  • Tags 2014 News - Longlisted Poems