Longlisted Poem 2014

Anna Fenton-Jones

The Sixth Form College, Colchester

Court Correspondent; Sanford, Florida

In vitro, I suppose
is where this boy, the charged
had supped some drug
as they often said,
the devil’s cup is
closer to the womb than not.

Stale years had kept that
Bath water bayou
a town of people
picking at their
cooking mouths
and thanking god for
fleshy children,

I beseech you
I impeach you.

My arms are not outstretched,
nor do I cup my palms
with the intent to hope they
spill with G-d’s grace.
The wrist at my hip
is a cold brushed steel
and my column throat
is a long, convulsing barrel.
My mouth is full of bullets.
© Anna Fenton-Jones

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  • Date February 11, 2015
  • Tags 2014 News - Longlisted Poems