Longlisted Poem 2012

Billie Gavurin

University College School, London


A Labyrinth has grown inside my head
And often, now, I find myself within
The crumbling walls of that internal world
On roads worn smooth by other restless feet.

The landscape moves around me – no one map
Could ever chart a route through this terrain:
Its boulevards and graveyards side-by-side
With rising oceans; ever-shifting sands.

Sometimes I find myself to be ensnared
And fight, as in a dream, against some force
That slows my pace, and binds me to the ground
Diverts my course; derails my normalcy.

On other days I flee as if pursued
Through land that swells and stirs beneath my feet
Sun-dappled lowlands clash with winter trees
Where no birds sing; their branches pale and bare.

A Labyrinth has grown inside my head
It draws me further in with every day.
The bright and hostile country of my mind
Is sharper now and clearer than outside.
© Billie Gavurin

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  • Date January 22, 2015
  • Tags 2012 Voyages - Longlisted Poems