Longlisted Poem 2015

Brittany Fanning

Withington Girls’ School, Manchester

A Guide to Feeling (Whole)

She threads the needle; it is
minute, the eye just big enough
for the cotton snake to fit through,
And it enters into the other dimension.
She is waiting for it, and a wound
of a smile
grows as her serpent reappears,
Sniffing hopefully at the new world.
It is not new to her.
She is threadbare, tattered,
Her seams are undone and bits,
microscopic parts of her are strewn
around. They make a throne of sorts,
and she is cross-legged at the apex,
the pyramid of herself.
It had been like finding a needle
in a girl-stack.
She smiles again, begins to stitch,
Knowing that through the eye of the needle
she will be a little lighter, a little sadder,
A few atoms short
of something real.

© Brittany Fanning

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  • Date May 26, 2015
  • Tags 2015 Cells - Longlisted Poems