Winners 2014

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Charlie Holmes (Commended)

George Heriot’s School, Edinburgh


February 2014

Bring me news from space:
Create all possibilities.
Is there one more such face
Among these mysteries?

Show me a sky washed blue
With God’s own dyes,
Then turn, and let me see your eyes:
Now he might paint you
Who meant to paint the skies.

Take me to a place where
Gold grows on trees
And whorls and dances in the breeze:
And I will write your hair
More beautiful than these.

In some place beyond sight,
Do twin suns rage,
And with them, the white moon, their page,
Because your brighter light
Has robbed them of their stage?

If you describe how stars
Whose size outstrips
Thought, die red; redden an eclipse;
Light the vermillion Mars –
I will describe your lips.

Now take me to that place –
And cease to roam –
Where the light is like moonlit foam.
Stream across outer space
For I will take you home.

© Charlie Holmes, 2014

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