Winners 2009

Charlotte Turner (Commended)

Varndean College, Brighton, Sussex


Doubt /daut/ n. & v. 1 It can spawn a hundred thoughts
all of which the unpleasant sort. That kind that waits
until 3am. And will not let you sleep again. 2 One of
the only known niggling things. {Derived} from the same
root that from, fear springs. 3 Often seen, now and
again, after the sordid deals of desperate men. Who
choose the wrong time to hesitate. Doubt then turns
up far too late. 4 As a weakness it can be construed. A
vulnerable time to change your mood. 5 In fact the
history of the world laments. All the doubtful days
been spent. 6 Indeed, it is a common notion, for better
health, to place devotion. Onto something far less
unpleasant. That can be dealt with in the present. 6a
Otherwise it’s just ‘wait and see’. For we can predict
nothing in certainty. 7 So surely trying is just futile.
(For reference SEE something that is worthwhile.)

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