Longlisted Poem 2011

Ciaran McCormick

Westcliff High School for Boys, Essex


Begin to run. Through the glistening glades of a
Window-shopping complex.  Stars twinkle like
Bombs and thunder declares its rage. Feet
Abuse the crazy paving, the teeth of stone steps.
The avenue.  I see the loose threads of the patchwork public
Ribbon around me in roads.
Turn the corner. Run where red light districts bleed into
Brilliant bright, White Way theatres and where
Sham glitz and glam dazzles like blindness.
Hotfoot through the gold coast throng of penthouses,
Who socialise with high hotels propped by pedestals.
Run through complicated streets.
People gavel their judgement with falling feet,
On my slapdash coiffeur, my complexion and  my genetic makeup.

I am not running away anymore – not here in simplicity.
Now, my footsteps flow over the flood of
Grass with the slow, sleeping, creeping, crawl
Of roots. In wind, the waves of the seas
Of the grass leisure beneath the
Dipping and budding mountains:
The balanced and decided destiny of distance.
What could be simpler than the
Virid vista that unveils itself for me?
A clover of vast symmetry for luck without logic.
Leaf with veins like life but without the complications
Of emotions and aspirations. It can aspire only to the
Fading ground.
© Ciaran McCormick

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  • Date January 18, 2015
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