Longlisted Poem 2012

Cindy Xie

The Latymer School, London

Looking Back

Meandering down through the country shorewards
With fields flashing by, and hay and hedge,
We suddenly stop. Then I hurtle forwards
Into the tunnel, until I reach the edge.

Guitar in hand, I run onto the sand
And scan for you, amongst all those deckchairs,
Girls, drink cans, all strewn across the wasteland.
(The swarms of wisps laugh at my despairs).

I sit, quite distant, on hot, eroded rock.
Strum elegies as grains blow in briny whirls.
Around me, stung eyes well up – a shock!
I spot you listening, your eyes like pearls.

I run down the platform, guitar abandoned, then
Turn to grasp your hand, dear wife.
But you pass the point of no return again
Leaving me, I suppose, alone in life.

Sharp jolt, I steam onwards and am
Whooshed away. The last I saw was your bare
Heel as you turned. Two fatal damned
Venom-spots close. But us? A gulf we cannot repair.
© Cindy Xie

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  • Date January 5, 2015
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