Longlisted Poem 2011

Claudia Turkington

Alton College, Hampshire

The Mild Poem

I am touching up my greys when the phone rings
It is 8:52 in the morning
And the sun is out

You smell of Dostoyevsky
Sound like Tolstoy
Talking of the old men
I sip at my coffee

And count the freckles on your right cheek
There are 47

You insist on paying
I tip the girl a fiver as we leave
Pressing it into her palm like a pact
Because I am an old woman by then
And these things matter
To me

When we are dusty and sour-tasting
You say goodbye with a firm hand
‘It’s been good’ you say
And I have to laugh
When we are 61
You feel like Byron should
© Claudia Turkington

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  • Date January 5, 2015
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