Winners 2005

Craig Farrell (Second prize)


The Fall

Even the sights of Eden now seem changed:
The day that drips like liquid green through leaves
And spills on the fresh grass; the trees arranged
In perfect patterns, resting on the head
Of perfect hills; rivers that idly laze
And match the tranquil sky while a cloud weaves
Its way across the void – all these things blaze
With different lights, their shadows gored with red.

Last night my dreams were full of many things:
I saw our heaven crack along its length
And hurl an angel, bright with burning wings,
Down from the wound. Like some dropped sun it tore
Through darkness black as sin, and as it fell
It lit the universe and shone with strength
Enough to kindle all the fires of hell;
Never was such a sunset seen before.

Nothing, it seems, can stay aloft forever.
There’s heavy forces snaking through the hearts
Of all creation, pulling minds to sever
Their string-frail stems, and let themselves fall free.
Through Eden’s perfect orchards, daylight lingers,
Clutching at branches as the sunset starts,
Grasping with desperate, crimson, fire-tinged fingers.
The apple seems so fragile on its tree.

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  • Date February 11, 2015
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