Winners 2006

David Devanny (Commended)

Bradford Grammar School, West Yorkshire

The House

Tho u have built this world
tho u now burn it
we r your children
n so we 4give u.
Ths is not the only Dfence of my generation
ths is wot I say…

On a hill there is a house,
it is bare n abandoned
n it has been ths way 4 many years,
it is the feelin u get after 2 much cake
but with a pounding heart
so heavy the veins could burst.
Thats not the reason we went.
We climbed thru a broken window,
the house was drafty, deserted,
it smelt of piss.
So much was dark n broken.
We will break more.
R fear nervously slips thru the holes in the stairs,
n ½ under the stars from the shattered ceiling,
we tear planks 2 bridge the gap.
Here is r wall where we draw r lusts,
it is not just ours,
others come here
they paint n break n build
i must c what they have done
i luv it
i respekt it
but i get scared.

2day we r not vandals
we r not antisocial
nor r we careless n lazy
2day we r artists
we r adventurers
n we r builders
we have made ths r house
that u abandoned n left 4 scrap
we have made it beautiful
so do not scorn us
do not moan of 2days youth
n do not expekt us 2 fear u

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