Longlisted Poem 2015

Eleanor Martin

Weald of Kent Grammar School, Tonbridge, Kent

The Nun’s awakening

Swirling; subtle particles suspended
In orbit;
Dancing to an unsung melody
They travel silently by
Illuminated by the slice of haze,
That seeps through a stone pore.

Stirring; drawn into consciousness,
Fabricated realities slipping slowly
Out of reach.
Soft haze catalysing reactions,
Of that twitching weary eye.

Barely furnished, a chair laden with
Monotone robes decorates a cell.
Glowing and radiating light casts
Shadows over well fumbled beads.

Gently exhaling air; the sign of life.
Trembling an absent hand stretches
Toward the unknown blinding light.

The specks in the haze guiding her
Vision, enlightening her belief…

Now please, see what I see

© Eleanor Martin

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  • Date May 26, 2015
  • Tags 2015 Cells - Longlisted Poems