Longlisted Poem 2011

Eleanor Smith

Hereford Cathedral School, Herefordshire

Too simple

In the smog-churned city of my mind,
is a green oblong central park.
I go there when I can, leave behind
twisting streets of narrative arc,
stride on under swaying criss-cross wires,
loud billboards forcing unwanted desires.

I reach a footbridge, and there we stand.
A quiet glance at you, you take my hand.
Your soft name repeats itself in my ear,
like the murmuring water, crystal clear.

I have the scene reduced to its very essence,
arranged with a geometric precision,
the hinted-at colours exacting your presence.
Mathematically planned, no room for decision,
but your eyes, wide tender blue,
catch me here – fall? I try not to.

The light is important, a late orange glare,
which draws electric summer smell from the air.
You tell me you love me with a sweet sigh,
when no words are spoken there can be no lie.

But I’m a poor engineer, and when a blast
of cranked-up radio noise drives past,
the bridge, unhinged, collapses and I fall.
You disappear into the dust cloud of it all.
Open the window, your profile appears.
He has his arm around you, and he sneers.

I should have known, what is simple can never be true;
entropy rising, I invented myself, not you.
© Eleanor Smith

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