Longlisted Poem 2011

Elizabeth Crowdy

Gillotts School, Oxfordshire


Our home sang simple:

Floorboards trodden into wooden scoliosis;
that mirrored fractured curtain rails.
Sodden glove on the pavement outside.

A word that didn’t translate into the subtitles.

Fingers tracing ink-reminders on paper,
advised to its unusual architecture by
spilt water.

A love-forgot book

years later.
Brown crusts in the bread bin for
(still) unlucky ducks.
Shoelaces. Patience.

The sounds of our home:
Harmony caught in dust-corners.
(the continuous stream in your head of all the best washing up songs)

Maybe I notice too much.
Wishing for nothing but you;

Pouring water for tea
into the sun-cracked teapot we have known
Since childhood.
© Elizabeth Crowdy

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  • Date February 9, 2015
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