Longlisted Poem 2011

Emma Pearcey

Portsmouth College


What if
the world ended
and we watched it crumble around us?
We could stand on the precipice;
everything else would fall away
and we’d be all that was left.
You’d say:
Look. There’s nothing but us.
None of it matters. Look.
And I’d look at you,
with the wind and dust in your hair,
gloriously knotted,
and I’d take your hand in mine.
You’d squeeze, once,
and I’d squeeze back;
my arm would go around you
and we’d hold on –
to life, to death,
to sanity and each other –
we’d hold each other
and we’d watch,
silently watch,
as the world fell away.
© Emma Pearcey

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  • Date January 14, 2015
  • Tags 2011 Simplicity - Longlisted Poems