Winners 2001

Eve Blair (Commended)

Putney High School, London


The sky is far and flat,
With cloud cut-outs.
Soon we will be
Under the guttural utterances of stars
And the damp, sleepy open lips of the moon.

For now,
Children play in the brittle grass outside,
Under the clicking dirty leaves of plane trees.
The river is the only one of us
Who will make it to the sea today –
Over the sun-softened air of the city,
To where she walks, barefoot,
Swaying her wide, blue hips,
Bejewelled between the dusty and the shiny cars,
The midday swelter of noise in summer London parks,
The stillness of patiently waiting buildings.

But you and I are rich with the decadence of afternoon
The scent of the shadow in the dip of someone
else’s neck,
The taste of a kiss under your tongue,
Sweetly stored.

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  • Date January 28, 2015
  • Tags 2001 Blue - Winning Poems