Winners 2001

Felicity Marks (Third prize)

Beaconsfield High School

Shelling Blue Eggs

I shelled a blue egg
in the woods,
peeled back its cracked
cage of a home –
letting life escape
as water to the moist earth,
dark and cold as marriage.
Then, by morning,
Crumbled and dry as the
wedding cake we had.

I wondered that I might act
as your child,
curious as a dead cat
and expecting life from
an empty carcass of Spring.

Eggs are the beginning of life,
but I cut them short that day –
to a trail of dust and ash
in our attic, where I kept
their shells in a shoebox.
The song thrush set by
the puffin, like trophies –
but above all, mounted fragility,
was the carrion crow. Rarity
buried deep as murder.

Black as a funeral, I would
watch her wings soar
like a neglected kite, then
fall as the wind faded
like an afternoon frost.

The she would drop to
my level, and feast on
the dirt of death. Eyes
darting as fast as minnows
for dessert. It was while this
appetite took its toll, I
played the cuckoo for her eggs.
In a sack as dark as the inside
of a silken casement, they lived
on as blueprinted memories.

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