Winners 2017

Flora Barber (Commended)

Malvern St James Girls’ School, Worcestershire


Forward one. Space. Two lines only.
Followed by a name. Capital. Bold.
Day. Day. Month. Month. Four Years.
Repeat. Separated by a hyphen.
Time. Defined. Distanced.
Forward one. Space. Two lines only.
Synonyms for meanings.
Short. Defined. Distanced.
Emptiness. A gap. Saved. Reserved.
Yours. Or mine.

Font size. Type. Tapered edge. Drawn.
Inlaid. Gold. Bronze.
Or nothing. The forlorn adorned.
Stand weathered. Mourn.
Sharp corners. Worn.
Peppered camouflage. Sparkle dimmed.
Life defiant. Misunderstood.
Surrounded and encased. Much the same.
Tall and strong. Make a stand.
Impermanence haunt.

Remember. To be forgotten.
Remind the remainder.
Lay pebbles on head.
Rest wreaths on feet.
Dress kindly. To be forgiven.
Sorry. Silence.
Tendered by strangers.
Loved. Visited. Left.
Unanswered repeat.
Ritual created. Dates booked.
Photographs transparent.
Words. Hollow carvings.

Echoes. Forged of stone.
Rained on faces. Cry.
Pressed into. Embedded.
Fade. Illegible.
Drowned in time. Eroded.
Like scarecrows. But life is wood.
Death. White. Grey.
Wicker or mahogany.
For granite or marble.
Remembrance. Mourning.
For you. For me.

Project Details

  • Date April 6, 2017
  • Tags 2017 Stone - Winning Poems