Longlisted Poem 2015

Florentyna Syperek

Lumen Christi College, Londonderry

Where there is no light

There is a ribbon of stars about to fall onto my head
Downpour of gilded lights
Silver particles of static like a twisted crown

All those blue-black mornings
When I licked the shimmering pins and needles off my lips
The soft breath of stars danced in my mouth

Slowly the Universe reclaimed
The scattered puzzle pieces that formed me,
That once settled down in my stardust body.

The tar black wings of my cracked lungs
Paper butterflies caressed by the starlight, decaying
In the piercing light…

Finally silence sighs sadly relieved
Somewhere deep in the forests
Of my mind.

© Florentyna Syperek

Project Details

  • Date May 26, 2015
  • Tags 2015 Cells - Longlisted Poems