Longlisted Poem 2011

Gabrielle Watts

King’s College, Somerset

Lost Dreams

This is my dream:
Be careful with it –
It’s only small.
Its little bones
Are chipped blue mugs,
Wooden orange bowls heavy
With errant change.
Its skin is threadbare
Carpet: sat, slept and loved on,
And yellow curtains stuck
Its glass bauble eyes peer
From dusty wooden shelves.
Darkened watercolours frown
Down over muddied tiles.
In its open mouth books
Smack ivory pages, flapping
Inky tongues and whispers.
Its single chimney ear
Listens to the sky.

Its spine: a kitchen table,
Bends under papers and hairties,
Pens and pins and post-its.
The garden spreads grass-stains
Over its bare concrete toes,
A silver-hazel thumbnail pond
Dances with painted koi.
Mossy tiles fuzz and stumble over
The scalp of my dream, and
Its face watches traffic rush by roaring.

In the river Styx, where all lost things drift
Eventually into Lethe’s velvet murk,
An entire house sinks into the silt.
My simple dream.
A home.
© Gabrielle Watts

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  • Date January 3, 2015
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