Longlisted Poem 2015

Georgia Drew

King’s College, Taunton, Somerset

The Girl Who Had An Abortion

Suburban Chicago, white flat packed houses in a line,
The shrieks of infants muffled the housewives chatter,
A breeze sailed by as quietly as Mr Carter’s mistress.

At the top right window of Birdsong, partially covered by a leafy oak
Best seen from the Jackson’s drain, the girl sat.
Longing looks from the net curtains, her face rouged by tears,
Her alabaster skin illuminated by prying light,

High school kids gawked on their way home,
Building tales of ‘The Girl Who Had an Abortion’.
Judged by everything beyond their humble picket fence,
She sat repelled as a Leper,
Her parents’ daily row erupted around 8, after
The washing up, before the news.
Voices shrouded in despair begging repentance,
Crying for her forgiveness.

A meek ball of cells caused damage greater than
The PE teacher’s affair and Phantom Mower Thief
Put together. Women who dared tarnish their reputation
Bringing pity muffins, did so to fuel a coffee morning,
Or three. “When will she come back?” “We’re all so worried.”
“How will you overcome such an ordeal?”

One twilight in June, the local cats witnessed the family
Stowing luggage into the car, stuffing the boot between
Erratic glances up and down the unusually serene street.

They escaped for a new life in Minnesota, or was it Missouri?
The neighbourhood had a tedious interlude until one mother saw
Jimmy Hancock smoking pot behind the Church.
Fizzing whispers reemerged assuming satisfaction for another month.

© Georgia Drew

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  • Date May 26, 2015
  • Tags 2015 Cells - Longlisted Poems