Winners 2003

Hannah Briggs (Third prize)

Ilkley Grammar School, West Yorkshire

Pilgrimes with Passports

Herkneth! If the lest to viage be verray to ye,
to me moste ye verify youre identity.
Clepen me Franke, gropinge passports my facultee,
moste seeken drogges hoolly and hy harlots withseye.

Yive: nom, age type – Nationality?
Britney mate, british, blond and 5 “ 3.
Ah! A faire and tretis wench, eek with curteisie,
you lust me muchel and so may pace, thriftily and ny.

Where youre destination? Wantowne, reechless knarre!
Metrowe Magaluf, the Grete Sea or Coste del Mar?
Spiritual freedom is my desire a quest to take me far,
dreams of nirvana in Nepal alone with my sitar.

Such resons have these peple, alwey with felicitee,
so wende, wende, wende on youre viages hence verify identity!!
Cometh neer Tariq, wanderinge fer to Middle Easte,
Noot his craft but with visage lyk nyght hym moste been terroriste!

Areste! Hav yow takel hiding in youre gipser?
No, let me through I’m innocent. I work in journalism!
Ah, youre passporte has ypreved to me youre digne degree
News travels fast pal so must I, now can I please go free?

Me gouvernance sikerly is streit and stout
war again peple estrange nowthe.
Scathe tho seem to me the foo, hem lest werres, hem slee, me trowe.

Yive genus: female, single mother of 3
Semely faire, swich complexioun gentil!
Your judgements are kind but hide the real truth.
For convicted murderers, a passport’s no use.

Here endeth my tale what nedeth wordes mo?
Everichon differe,
Me jugge hem namo.

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