Longlisted Poem 2011

Hannah Tran

Dalriada School, Co. Derry, Northern Ireland

Elegy For

There from birth.
I saw you, and I knew.
On my knees.
Then feet laughing, in leaves golden.
Then a bright rope
Spilling from a fat wax crayon.
Fear rage joy hope.
Moon’s silvering fresh dawn.
A Christmas believed
(A year on, I grieved).
This was you.

Then you left.
Or are dead; a short life led.
Was it me?
–  For rage turns to duplicity (Coiling
Snakes will simmer,
Writhe, wrapped and trapped and jet as sin)
Mirrors shimmer,
Swoop still and shatter-thin,
Warping forever.
Realities sever.
Here, I lie.

Then knowledge.
So slyly-faced, takes your place.
Stop it please –
Heart’s scarlet pulse will still believe in you.
Ropes fray, fade, stressed.
Breaking lines blur out, gone grey now.
I here know less –
Thoughts twisting away now
– Than ever by you.
I look back. Yet you
Have gone on.
© Hannah Tran

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  • Date January 6, 2015
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