Winners 2012

Jack Whitehead (Commended)

Wells Cathedral School, Somerset

The Water Boatman from Veules-Les-Roses

The sun-teased watercress lies in beds, rooted.
Fears of drowning; the survival instinct, keeps
Fiery leaves out of still-stream. Cluster creeps,
Away from ripples, where chalk lines are diluted
By the water boatman, whose paddles, muted,
Meet with the centre of disturbance, as he sweeps
Through familiar forests, under weed and pepper leaps.
Slip stream from his rowboat-body, perfectly suited,
As he drifts from headwater, below bridge, downstream
As the current carries him, to the watermill.
Here he approaches the churn, as a bucket closes,
Capturing cool water. He contemplates the beam
That connects tainted wheel to cog. Then glances back uphill,
To the tell-tale tang of water cress, from Veules-les Roses.

© Jack Whitehead, 2012

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  • Date February 2, 2015
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