Longlisted Poem 2013

Jacob Harding

The Dixie Grammar School, Leicestershire

The Details

In the beginning, was The Apple
and The Apple was with The Serpent
and The Serpent was She
She who was The Genesis of Our Fall
She who greedily opens the gilded box
She who was The Genesis of Our Judgement
She who would not heed He
She who was nothing but A Detail

and so Our story begins, We fled from The Garden
We fled from Our naked selves
We fled from The Cherubim guarding the gate of paradise forever barred behind Us
We flee from Our past, Our present
We crawl from Our seas, Our caves
We stare greedily up into the stars, We rise in the name of progress
We build with the broken bones in Our bloodied hands
bloody progress, nothing but A Detail

We wax, plague and burn across Our earth, moon and star
divide paradise, conquer Ourselves, cry Havoc! and consume Our Apple
‘quod me nutrit me destruit’
build empires, enslave Ourselves, cry Hazaar! and are never not amused
Our sun cannot set on Our empire, He cannot trust Us in the dark
Our paradise lost, Our empires decline and Fall, all for the vanity of Human wishes
judge, jury and executioner of Our worldly Apple, We cannot control Ourselves
the rusty wheel of justice turns, nothing but A Detail

once We followed Him, hung upon His every word
alas the corruption of His courts, His holy orders, wholly led Us unto temptation
shivering into the cold night, hand in hand, arm in arm
now We follow another path, a path of industry, machines and stars
progresses upwards, forever and ever, Amen
boldly into the dark night, alone
We stare hopefully up into the stars, We watch and share Our own star Flickr and die
hope, irony, death, nothing but A Detail

in the ending being Human, Human being, The Human race is run
They who rest in peace, in foreign fields of opium
who builded here Our brave new world upon Their sweat, blood and sacrifice
Our final destination, the western world, in perfect isolation
Our final solution, the rest of the world, in quiet desperation
They sweat, bleed and manufacture the cheap clothes on Your back
We spend, gamble and fritter Their sacrifice, the greasy wheel of commerce turns
We walk blindly, one after another, into the red lit night
We rape Our lock, We break Our vows, We sunder Our scarlet seals
Our souls and shells scream across Our dry seas and shatter Our wasteland Garden
We lounge in coffee shops, as Our low streets slick with bloody rivers
do You believe Our Children are not deserving of Our Judgment?
She and He watch the cartoon Serpent on TV, as outside Our window the end is nigh
caught and captured on CCTV, Our last day, posted online, ten trillion likes
an ironic footnote in an interstellar history, where We were nothing but The Details
© Jacob Harding

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  • Date January 23, 2015
  • Tags 2013 The Details - Longlisted Poems