Winners 2014

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Jessica Matthews (Commended)

Coleg Gwent Crosskeys Campus

Current Affairs

Your anchor, boxed in by a screen                             My copywriter gives me miscues

Busy with her work, always work                      Talks like a tabloid, sings like a jingle

Coming home to you late and live                                I find her on page 3 without me

You wonder if a weather girl                          And though I’d like to give her feedback

Might have been easier to live with                                Somehow we’re still exclusive.

I show you a little human interest

Together we make our body copy

           Across the centre spread to the deadline

    Until Ofcom sensors our crass captions

The pips play us out.

Of course all of this is off the record?                                    Time to go back to hard facts

We crossfaded, reduced our bandwidth              You and her, me and you, me and she

To one track, you and me                                         Our drive time’s over, we’re too busy

It’s fun for an ad break                                                          I’ll give you one last sound bite

But we don’t live like folks on tv.            That was the news, thank you and goodnight.


© Jessica Matthews, 2014