Longlisted Poem 2013

Jessie Nixon

Redland High School for Girls, Bristol

Stockholm Syndrome

Filled to the brim with her words intertwined,
She claws out words that don’t fit the rhythm.
Such sonnets as these they deceive her mind,
She breaks through the fourteen bars of prison
Which were strengthened with syntax, but no more,
She changes the beat, casts couplets aside
And finally frees herself of the shackles of pesky, corrosive syllables.
She stabs at her captors, commas splicing, then slicing.
She’s breaking the rules; s:hE’s bre”aK!ng th3m, Lo^ok!*’?/#–]….
Those itching, clutching details scold her with words too many
Picking ceaselessly with spry fingers and evil alacrity
But then embrace her in iambic arms.
Returning to her captor, rhyme entwined
She’s trapped forever in just fourteen lines.
© Jessie Nixon

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  • Date January 14, 2015
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