Winners 2004

Joanna Moorman (Commended)

Coleg Gwent, Crosskeys, Caerphilly

Early Morning

(with/out you)

You are shadows at the door
Even before
Light breaks across the horizon
Flooding the world.
You have already washed
Away on a different morning
To some distant
Tied and Pinstriped place
Of memories not your own.
Parallel lines that never cross.
You are irritable,
Changeable out of your element.
You used to turn to the light
Wake up shining
Feet firmly planted in the
Earth you loved.
Tree tall, until you started this
Sink or swim business.
Something that could reach up
And make the stars more believable
By showing them to me
Through your stained glass self.
You were strength and shelter
Always knowing how to bend
Without breaking or betraying.
Now, every suited second
The sea erodes a little more
Of what I loved.


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