Winners 2010

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Julia Goroszeniuk (Commended)

St Paul’s Girls’ School, London

A Portrait Painted Scarfless

you promised me
an explosion of lateness;
digging for your tie
your collar stuck up like tail feathers;
coiling my scarf
importuning your tousled bed
for my watch
while you
pull on that ridiculous
you promised me the bewildered twilight of your room.

you promised me snow;
our penguin situation,
all straight lines pared down
to white,
and us,
our foggy Cava Glass
a Moet stand-in,
our eyes braced
against all that space.

you promised me over the ticket barrier;
you promised me the lapels of your coat.

you gave me your honest cold hand
and I made it mine.

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  • Date February 7, 2015
  • Tags 2010 Promises - Winning Poems