Winners 2013

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Kathryn Cussons

St Paul’s Girls’ School, London

Investigation Details: Echo and Narcissus

On the other side of the brick layered wall
dying Narcissi were strewn across a table,
a Venetian vase carried so lovingly home
glittered in slithers by the locked door.
The splashed water shone like a mercury moon
undisturbed in the dark.
Silence rung in the walls.
The phone cried dry, hanging off the hook
mouth open, still spilling words
that wrapped themselves
round the door handle,
clung to the fibres of the curtains
and seeped red through the shadows.
When the uniform turned up
he visited next door first,
found the kid with the keys and a candle.
Let himself in through the front door.
Noted a vase, flowers, phone and an upturned chair
basking in the middle of the floor.
He fought with the switch,
as the candle spluttered flat,
took photos with flash
and left a series of markers like a phone number.
He hurried from the room, not noticing
a heart shaped photo frame that
kissed the mud outside the open window.

© Kathryn Cussons, 2013

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  • Date February 7, 2015
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