Longlisted Poem 2011

Keturah Civelek

James Allen’s Girls’ School, London


The raindrops burrow into my
window, hitting the glass with
a pellet-bright thwacking,
flickering shadows across my skin.
Lying on my back, hands, fold
over fold behind my head,
I ponder:
do you lie thus,
wondering into the night,
mind whirring, eyes
glimmering ochre light?

sense tells me you are
most likely asleep,
fringe askew,
papery lids, a hand
flung upwards perhaps,
or dangling over the bed-edge
or curled by your collarbone,
thumb resting in that nook;

and with the same tapping of
watery fingers echoing from above,
beating out the moments,
trickling rivulets across your face,
and matching the flutters of your breast.
© Keturah Civelek

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  • Date February 10, 2015
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