Longlisted Poem 2013

Laura Furner

Invicta Grammar School, Maidstone, Kent

An audience with the Amphitheatre

What were we, darling, in those fading limbs of yours?
Encased in the foundations of a broken bed,
Where kisses as deep as old moats brushed against my hair.
I wish I’d known I was treading water,
Balancing on the tightrope of a pavement’s edge
Like I’d seen you do a thousand times before.

Climbing a branchless tree as the train carriage pulled into a haunted, empty station.

Your hand left mine for moments on a cloudy seafront.
A dusty community centre.
The hills of an old ruin.
But it was not until the silence stretched that I felt our fingers untie.

Still, on trains with blue seats,
In musy booksellers and antique markets,
In the snapping of a shutting suitcase,
The crackle of a vinyl record,
Billy Joel on the radio.

In the smell of coffee and candyfloss.
In bright red and daydream blue,
I see you running,
Covering your eyes from the click of a blurry camera
Your silver rings scraping against my wrist
Singing every word to songs I was far too young to remember.

The alarm clock, old and laughing, goes off again
And again in my head.

I see you running.
© Laura Furner

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  • Date January 27, 2015
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