Longlisted Poem 2011

Laura Hill

Hertswood School, Hertfordshire

Simple World

There is a time of day,
Just before it becomes too bright,
When the world is decorated more simply;
A time when there are no flashing lights,
Where neither the sun or the moon share in the same delight,
Where the world is its own
And belongs to no woman and no man, child or infant
There are no whispers or screams to contend with.
Where silence is a foe but quiet, quiet is a trusted friend
And movement is infrequent,
Just the occasional car passing by in your preverbal vision,
And the world may be scattered with grey
But it is perfection in its own certain, simple way
Before chaos and colour have a chance to tamper with it.
This is the time of day I admire most,
Walking down an empty street
Left with nothing but the chatter of my own thoughts
A simple world at my feet
Before daylight comes to steal it away.
© Laura Hill

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  • Date February 3, 2015
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