Longlisted Poem 2013

Limahl Germain

Canon Palmer Catholic School, Ilford, Essex

The Details

The details I read
They played with my head
They toyed with my feelings
They made my face red
It may have been better to just wake up dead
But now I have this unclear message reigning down on my head
What’s the use for a bed?
For I cannot sleep
I stay up all night
As I stare at my sheets
I can’t even count sheep
No tears left to weep
Hopefully, maybe I’m thinking too deep

Shall I read you the message?
So that you can judge too
And possibly guide me on just what to do

‘Dear Mr Magooly,
We have some bad news
It’s terribly truly
But don’t lose your cool
We discovered an illness
It’s deep in your brain
It’s gradually going to turn you insane
You’re the first one to have it
So the details aren’t great
But I’d say goodbye to my family before it’s too late
Sincerely Your companion,
Dr McGate’

Gruesome, I know
So now can you see?
The terrible sickness that’s present in me
All I can do is stay home in sorrow
And pray that my life brings one more tomorrow

Three in the morning
I can hear a bird sing
When suddenly, loudly the phone starts to ring
It’s Dr McGate
He has further news
He tells me quite happily to shrug off my blues
What’s he talking about?
I have not a clue
‘The results got mixed up, you just had the flu’

So you see how such CARELESSNESS can give you a fright
And keep you awake in the deepest of night
Let me offer you people a bit of insight
Doctors make sure that your details are right!
© Limahl Germain

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