Longlisted Poem 2014

Lucy Davidson

Queen Margaret’s School, York


dusty mountains, and i walk
following father, brother, chosen son,
who follow stars
the mighty compass of the night.
my people survive
we lead, we follow, many days, years,
i follow – i am woman,
cover my face against sand and
God – ‘Alhamdulillah!’
Praising God we see this place

starry compass blur into fire-smoke
scattered with frankincense, no baby.
clutching our strong gawah we greet –
‘as-salaam alaykum!’
i cover my face, modest
but the flames and smell burn
i burn – i am woman.

‘shu baarkum?’ what’s the news?
start with the rains –
water no , so blood yes.
eyes concerned, shrouded in the dusty air
the gawah tastes bitter, dry,
and sky remains clear, killer,
eats my people, eats me but
i quiet – I am woman.

my abeebi, my beloved
eaten by the dry
killed by the ammunitions, soft sharps
my sister, gone in a swirl of frankincense.

my flesh scars only liny mountains that need to be climbed.
i suffer – i am woman.

casual, they mutter of war
this is murder news
this is matters, not me, so i am told by my
young shy brother. so

shu baarkum? what’s the news?
no abeebi woman no
© Lucy Davidson

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  • Date February 10, 2015
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