Winners 2012

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Lucy Hely-Hutchinson (Commended)

Benenden School, Cranbrook, Kent


Dear tomorrow,

please let him remember me
through Menorca summers
and Shanghai dreaming,
knowing I used
each bruise and bite-
mark to prove him.

I traced leather blanes
of his jacket
and smelt his
grey shirt to sleep –
texture and scent
cradled me.

Spain now follows me;
‘Feliz Navidad’, paella
and Real Madrid.
It’s like the nation
found, grasped,
lost me.

Wherever he is,
I’ll measure the distance;
between pillows and continents.

Tomorrow, please
Bring March quickly.

Sincerely, waiting.

© Lucy Hely-Hutchinson, 2012

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  • Date February 7, 2015
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