Longlisted Poem 2013

Martha Reed

Y Pant School, Pontyclun, Wales

Applying to University

You polish your congenital grey matter
Until it shines a fashionable silver.

A gleam that’s sure to dazzle all
Obliged to study
The anal arrangement of the set
Spread before them.

All present and correct as required,
The teapot taking centre stage
As a carefully balanced array of
Surround it,
Protect it.

Each collector who expertly values the set,
Though they smile,
In agreement?
Not unkindly
Shed a thin layer of dust
As they examine.

So you polish again.
Restore the radiance.

Someone’s sure to want it,
Your silver.

Your finest silver.

But wait,
Have you not heard?

You watch,
As the faint whispers amass to
Your painstakingly polished tea set.

They collect only platinum.
© Martha Reed

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  • Date January 9, 2015
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