Longlisted Poem 2014

Mary Anne Clark

The Greycoat Hospital, London


Do you know what knowing is?  I’m inclined to believe
It’s watching the night sweep over the page of the ground with its sleeve,
And the final birds flying to the places they’ve found in the branches of the last hours.

Do you know what it is not to know?
It is watching the glow of another slow dawn
Seep through the cracks like blood through a clenched hand.

Understand that I will tell you all I know – all.
I will unmesh the cogs of my identity and share them like currency.
Like gifts I will give you my soul.

And I wish I were a twelve-armed road
So I could be all over the world,
Or a bird to whom whole countries are swirls
On a carpet, to land on your window sills.

But as it is, take my words.
They are more myself than this thin-pulsing body.
Cup your hands and I’ll pour in my ink,
And dye you the colour of the brink of night.
© Mary Anne Clark

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  • Date February 12, 2015
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