Winners 2015

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Matt Ward

The Gryphon School, Sherborne, Dorset


1. having impaired or defective vision; partially blind.
2. slow or unable to understand; dim-witted.

He longed to stare, to watch
The world. To regard it coolly with peppermint eyes
And no face. A starry glint, a reflection in a puddle,
A shadow clinging to feet.

Beyond desire or love,
Or fear or hatred, he wished
To glimpse a secret, to hear a whisper,
To taste another’s soul and reach out
With a nothing finger to feel the cold flesh
Of a mourner’s hand.

He aspired to witness
Some intimacy of two strolling lovers,
Vows of tender breath on a frozen lake.
Or lose himself in the eyes of a million,
A nation, the black silk of space,
His being splintered to infinity.

Nightly he muttered asleep
That his body would fall open in a dream
And release him for a while
To find some small being
And sit on the lip of the moon
Watching it breathe.

Sunlight sealed him in a cell
With two small windows
And the stutter of a broken radio.

© Matt Ward, 2015

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  • Date May 14, 2015
  • Tags 2015 Cells - Winning Poems