Longlisted Poem 2014

Meg Fairclough

Denstone College, Staffordshire


It just came. The wind carried on blowing
And the rivers kept on flowing,
Like nothing had happened.
As if that letter had not just come,
And would not care if it was opened,
Or not. Dot, dot, dot…
Did the world really not care that in this very moment,
The news was here,
That started with ‘Congratulations’. Space;
‘We are delighted to be able to offer you a place’.

No exclamation or question marks,
No more really than dot, dot, dot.
The news that was the start,
Or not?

We started at the header,
The title – You or me?
Underlined, in bold; a white canvas
Waiting for the words to roll out in blank verse. Free too?
The pages flash by; numbers, paragraphs, commas,
But always him, me and you would follow through.
Tomorrow page one will turn,
And there will be no restriction; Full stop.
The text direction will be of my concern
And the font of my choice; Full stop.

Dot, Dot, Dot that’s him, me and you,
Always together. Forever –
Seemed so far away but now we are at the line,
The cut off: the page break. The ‘what happens next’?
The steep cliff that was once an ink-line
Is here, no, putting, it, off; we’re out of the text.
No gridlines, formula or corrections,
It’s come; we’re here. Full stop.
The black, blank void of no calculations
Is here; we’ve come. Full stop.

Don’t leave me: split, alone.
Engulf me in brackets like you always have,
Forever – Undo typing. Change case:
An adult now, grown up and no orders
And space and space and space and space and space…
Insert watermark and let it escape its borders.
The track is changing; control is mine to lose
And the page is getting full; stop.
But my news, my fantastic news,
Means this page will never be too full; stop.
© Meg Fairclough

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  • Date February 10, 2015
  • Tags 2014 News - Longlisted Poems