Winners 2010

Megan Owens (Third prizewinner)

Farlingaye High School, Woodbridge, Suffolk

Jane Loudon

Early spring, you untied your hair
Looking back at dust through dew-dusk windows
And combed it with the prongs of a shell;
Chicoreus Dilectus, the snail that had pocketed
And smoothed itself into the corner of your eye,
Mused: ‘Painted Lady, wander, wander,
When those wings failed did you twist them
In your palm; those superfluous wings that were
Gilded pretty like moonstone?’
Vanessa Cardui, too, had mused
Through the husky skin of metamorphosis;
From which the day, and the evening, and the pink lip of sky
Warmed its back and yawned, pacing the new ground.

Tulipa; red, gold, white
Grew collectively across a well tended lawn,
You noted their knell, clung onto each coiled bulb
In your own soiled hands.
Tulipa; red, white, gold
Grew over the stallion and his princely mane
Her heart still pinned to his chest.
Şirin! Şirin, bőylece, o zaman prens dűstű.


‘Shirin, shirin, look, the Prince has fallen.’  From a Turkish love story, in which tulips rose from the Prince’s blood where he fell.

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  • Date February 9, 2015
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