Longlisted Poem 2013

Millie Guille

St Bartholomew’s School, Newbury, Berkshire

In Letting You Prove

You are pressed flowers,
Bundled up in that coffin like a
Child at the crib, your knuckles
Slightly yellowed from
Grinding at the sun, corn
Splitting underfoot as though
Your soles bled flour

Toes causing storms and
Tremors – the smell of wheat
On your brow richer than
Sweat, my knees kissing the
Ground in circles around you
Your hips now a meal of oats,
A loaf of bread, seeds

Popping out of the dough
Like children, your white hair
A shock to me, that skin
So pale it could melt
In my mouth, wafer thin,
The broken bread spilling
On the table

Thicker than water,
My own face clumping
With yeast and crumbs
As your body bakes
© Millie Guille

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  • Date January 25, 2015
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