Longlisted Poem 2014

Molly Moss

Ulverston Victoria High School, Cumbria

Telling the Bees

(According to folklore bees carry news back and forth between
our world and the spirit realm. If a loved one has
crossed the threshold they will tell you.)

Thin-lipped I press my ear to the hive;
hear the honey-seeping song-line,
the gentle buzzing, black on black,
and unleash the bees from darkness: slowly,
the rise on wings of broken glass,
and their long plush bodies flush
orange-red, red bright, drawing flame
in the descending light;
gold-vermiillion flowering out.
Bare-handed, bare-skinned I make
no move. They find me out, tiny feet
brushing skin-on-skin, and bite
pink-sweet mouthfuls of my bitter words.
Oh bees, I say, and tell them of my loss:
they lift in the levelling light
and shed their coats of rust,
dust flying in a pollen-furred mist,
smearing my pencilled limbs.
They are flying now; their song-line
soaring, my words deep in their throats.
© Molly Moss

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  • Date February 10, 2015
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