Winners 2004

Nancy Freeman (Second prize)

Christ the King Sixth Form College, London

this morning

i met Rebecca before school today
at the new cost cutter
u probably dont know the place
its near limehouse station

and i talked with her for about 2 seconds
near the ‘get out my shop’ bakery
and (skate) anthony was there
bunking school (again)

Rebecca said she thought she knew his problem
but she didnt tell me what
i dont like him anyway
but he can skate good i think

so we walked down bromley street
and she was gonna leave me at my house
but i said i was gonna walk her to school
so she said ok sure

we decided to check out our old primary schools
and i said oh how things have changed ha ha
i now have blonde bits and a beautiful girlfriend
stop laughing please because then

Rebecca rubbed her head against me and took my hand.

so we went to the place where the go karts go
u probably dont know the place
its near mile end station
u dont know the place

well we walked down there
so we talked and stuff
about school and stuff
and then it happened.

there was a bit of teeth clashing
she pretty much spat in my mouth
but her tongue felt well nice on mine
when they touched it was really strange

Rebecca was definitely more daring
she almost made me gag
i started laughing
she was like martin stop laughing

it was class the best kiss i think
i have ever had yes definitely
i thought it would be frightening
but it was like tying shoelaces

what did you do today?

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