Longlisted Poem 2013

Nick Wattling

Bristol Grammar School

Stephen Wiltshire

His eyes blink and you hear the shutter,
his voice a stutter as the sunset asks:
‘take me in.’
And so, he looks down as a hawk
don’t talk
a picture paints a thousand words
and a building split by fractions,
And the offices with windows uniformed,
forty seven lined, but blind to what falls behind
the shaded glass – crisp, decisive
splitting apart streets and roundabouts.

Every detail is recorded and turned to art
The river walls, market stalls
And the shopping malls, curving.
and stadiums and runways,
and signposts that go unnoticed.
Small pubs and gentlemen’s clubs
And neon lights, artificial and impure
Nothing escapes, and critics await
as the vision and precision
begins to replicate.
© Nick Wattling

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  • Date January 3, 2015
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