Longlisted Poem 2013

Nicolas Walker

Charterhouse, Godalming, Surrey

Aran Fawddwy†

Throwing Snowdonian slate
over the ramparts of the old quarry, side-on
skimming the air, I seize a momentary break
from scrambling over
the stony outcrop, negotiating the next tentative step

Towards the summit
now clouded with snow.
The glistening icing sheets
the outcrop
a blanket of blankness.
Through the eyeglass I can discern
its unique latticed form, its permanent and fixed bonding.
Six dendrites protruding
the beautiful crystalline structure,
tessellating, radial symmetrical.
I worry about the next summit’s agenda,
the tedious negotiations.
But not long before a westward venture.
A time to relish the freshness
and flee the office.
Carving Snowdonian slate pointedly,
ensuring the crisp, clean, fine lines
are executed as anticipated:
every flourish, every ligature expertly inscribed.
The text fully illustrated

Upon the stone.
The epitaph reads: Disgwylgar yw angau i’r henoed
But, inevitably, it will become shrouded,
And I softly forgotten, alone
on the mountainside.
†A mountain in southern Snowdonia, Wales
‡’Expectant is death for the old’
© Nicolas Walker

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